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Gas Safety Checks Doncaster


A thorough Gas Safety Check ensures that your heating and boiler systems are still operating as they should, without omitting any dangerous gases.

We'll send a Gas Safe registered engineer to your home at a convenient time to review the work needed and provide you with a cost for the works. Checks will be conducted on each gas appliance to identify problems or early warning signs. We will then provide a quote for any necessary repairs or replacement appliances. You will be provided with a certificate proving the results of your gas safety check.


Every 12 months, landlords are legally required to conduct Gas Safety Checks on their properties.

Our Gas Safe Registered Engineers work with Doncaster and South Yorkshire landlords, helping them meet their legal obligations to keep tenants safe. Once we schedule a visit to your property, we conduct diligent checks on every gas appliance and will provide you with a quote for this work to be carried out.
Certificates verifying the inspections are provided to landlords, as well as quotes for any repairs or replacements that may be necessary.


We have LPG Gas Engineers who can service, install, and repair domestic and commercial gas appliances. You may request a Gas Safety Certificate CP42 or CP12. If you let your property, you'll need to provide an annual LPG gas safety certificate. If you're searching for affordable, quality services delivered in a convenient, friendly, and professional manner, look no further.

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Rapid response to all leak types.

Leaks should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage. If left unattended, a small leak can result in extensive damage to the ceiling, walls, and carpet. Repairing a water damaged wall and carpet with a professional will cost much less than changing carpets and replacing carpets.

Make sure you turn off the water at the main stop tap (if possible) and contact us if you are unable to contain the leak. Our experienced plumbers are available to visit your home immediately during an emergency.


We can help you if you have an old, faulty electric shower that you want to upgrade. Our plumbers are qualified and available at your convenience. Providing and installing a shower quickly (possibly the same day!) lets you go back to your regular daily routine.

These are some common shower problems:

  • A leak is coming from the shower unit.
  • Insufficient heating of water in the shower.
  • The shower does not turn on or off.
  • The shower cartridge is faulty.


We can tell you we are good at what we do, we can show you photos of work we have done. But this doesn't give you a true reason as to why to choose us to work with does it? This is why we think you should work with us.
Here at Danum Plumbing & Heating in Doncaster we have over 30 years experience in the industry. That's a lot of boiler installations, a lot of old and new boilers, anda lot of knowledge gained.
We know everyone knows you need to use a gas safe registered engineer to carry out work on gas. But, sometimes people do forget to check this. You can be assured that all of our plumbers are Gas Safe registered.
Want to know what our customers think? We have lots of reviews on Google and Trustpilot. Take a look at our reviews and see what people think of us and our work.

- Call the National Grid UK on 0800 111 999, any time, day or night!
- Extinguish all naked flames and do not smoke or light anything.
- Do not touch any electrical switches, turning on or off.
- Turn the gas off at the meter (generally outside the house).
- Open all doors and windows.
- Get everyone out of the area.

YES – As a landlord, you are responsible for the safe working order for all gas appliances on your property or properties, every 12 months. Once we have completed your checks, you will be issued with a certificate, which you must keep for 2 years.

YES – It is recommended that boilers are serviced annually

- You can catch boiler problems early before they develop
- It is cheaper than replacing your boiler
- It will save money on your energy bills
- You can keep your boiler safe
- Your boiler will stay under the manufacturer warranty

- Unusual whistling, banging, or tapping noises.
- Higher than average gas usage indicates the boiler is not performing efficiently.
- The pilot light or flames are orange/yellow in colour, which should normally be blue.
- It will show a high system water pressure instead of continuing at a steady pressure.

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Doncaster is located in the English county of South Yorkshire. It is named after the River Don and serves as the administrative centre of the larger Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster. It is the second-largest town in South Yorkshire, after Sheffield, with whom it shares the international Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which is located 10 kilometres to the southeast. The Romans founded Doncaster, a significant regional town with vital transportation connections and enjoyable attractions. Furthermore, it has a market. Doncaster, the second-largest city in South Yorkshire, is also the largest metropolitan region in England. Its population grew significantly as coal mining expanded.

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