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Date: September 21, 2022

Three Best Practices to Keep Your Boiler Running for a Long Time

Our boilers provide us with an endless supply of hot water and warmth every day. However, what happens when it does not provide the warm water needed?

How does taking our boiler for granted affect us? Buying a new boiler every 2-3 years is something you are willing to pay for? A boiler replacement isn't a pleasant expense.

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Three Best Practices to Keep Your Boiler Running for a Long Time

Simply thinking about how much it will cost is unnerving. You can lose sleep over it, let alone the trouble it causes you every day. Generally, today's combi boiler is said to last 15 years on average. There is a difference depending on how often it is utilised and how frequently it is accessed. A boiler can suddenly stop working after a few years. Therefore, your boiler's lifespan is determined largely by the way you use it, how you take care of it, and sometimes your luck. You're likely to get more years out of your boiler if you maintain it or got your boiler serviced annually. You don't have to be an expert to understand it! Have a look at these top tips for extending the life and having an energy efficient boiler. Getting started with addressing your boiler's needs today will save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

The first golden rule of boiler maintenance is to SERVICE them regularly 

It's that simple - get your boilers serviced regularly, annually, for a long-lasting boiler. Every year, be sure to service your boiler. Maintaining your condensing boiler, gas boilers or condensing combi boiler annually is the most efficient way of ensuring that it reaches its optimum lifespan. Moreover, you need to service your boiler annually (should be done by a gas safe registered engineer) to stay within the terms of your manufacturer's warranty. 

Your guarantee or warranty will most likely be invalid if you don't have any service history. With regular servicing, issues can be discovered before they grow into costly, potentially hazardous problems. Your safety and comfort are thus ensured throughout the year.  If you want your boiler to last for years coming, you should hire an engineer who specialises in installing and repairing boilers instead of trying to do it yourself. This will also save heating bills and will make it energy efficient.

Your next smart way to maintain your boilers is to Bleed your Radiators

It is quite common to do this habitually without having second thoughts. Bleeding radiators can be as straightforward as it sounds if you would like to take care of your boiler. Your heating system can acquire air at any time. Whether or not your radiator has air inside depends on how hot the base is compared to how cold the top is.

Cat is relaxing on the warm radiator

There is a Built-in Automatic Air Vent in your boiler, which is designed to remove any air that gets inside, which can sometimes cause an issue when air is drawn into the radiators. It is your radiator that needs bleeding. At the top of the radiator, there is a bleed point into which your key fits.

Any plumbing merchant can sell you a radiator key. Turning that will make air escape.  As soon as water begins to appear in the radiator, shut it off, and you have bled it! 

That's it! That's how easy it is. 

Protect your boiler from corrosion with central heating inhibitors

New Boiler

Do inhibitors sound a little bit chemical? Would you like to know what an inhibitor is?  The inhibitor is a corrosion-preventing solution used in central heating systems.  A boiler inhibitor is incredibly effective at preventing corrosion and limescale build-up in your boiler. Corrosion is caused by a reaction between steel, which is present both within the pipes and inside the boiler or heater.

You can stop corrosion from occurring by adding an inhibitor and your boiler will continue to function normally.  Additionally, sludge build-up (specially during cold weather) in your radiators can be reduced by using this method. If you aren't familiar with your system and don't know how it works, we don't recommend doing it yourself (call a heating engineer). There can be disastrous consequences of a leak from your central heating system. The same cannot be said of adding inhibitors to an old, sluggish system. Please be aware of this. 

As well as preventing corrosion on the boiler's body and parts, it is crucial to pay attention to how the pipes carry the water. Additionally, you can also insulate your pipes in the winter to conserve heat and to keep them dry. Major leaks can be caused when pipes split. Water pipes and central heating systems are covered by this insulation method. Gas safe engineer is typically called upon in winter to fix a frozen condensate pipe on a boiler. Simply insulate the condensate pipe and this will be avoided. It is also possible to use smart heating controls to maintain and improve boiler efficiency.

Smoke detector and small house on blueprint drawing background. Fire safety system. 3d illustration

Now that you are all set with these simple and smart tips, you are all set. Our boiler should be looked after, which is why we should do everything we can to protect the boiler efficiency. There's no guarantee that your boiler will last forever, but there are several things you can do to extend its life. You now know how you can easily do, and we are happy to have helped. 

If, however, your boiler experiences a fault or stops performing as it should, it can cause inconvenient issues and put us at risk of losing heat. Thus, if you are experiencing any difficulty, you should contact a certified gas engineer for assistance. You can always count on us at Danum Plumbing and Heating for boiler installation and boiler service.

We welcome your enquiry!  

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