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Date: September 27, 2021

What size boiler do I need?

What size boiler do I need?

Are you wondering which size boiler you need for your home?

Do you know what type of boiler will work best for your household size when buying a new boiler for the first time, moving into a new house, or deciding where to place the boiler?

Boilers ensure your home is well heated during the winter months, so you can take a nice hot shower when you want one, or enjoy a cup of tea at the end of a hard day. You need to ensure you find the most suitable boiler size and best boiler for your home. Boiler sizes differ and heat hot water in different ways. Combi boilers do not require a hot water tank to store hot water. Instead, they produce hot water on demand.

Combi Boiler
Combi Boiler

If you think you need a new boiler or to replace an old one, you should make sure your replacement boiler is compatible with your house type, size, and size of your family. Boilers are among the most expensive purchases we make for our homes, so we shouldn't take them lightly.

Whether you are buying a new system for your home or want to know what boiler is best for your house type, we have simplified the process of understanding what boiler is right for you. Don't worry about the size of your house - whatever your house is, we can help you find the right boiler for your home. 

An efficient working central heating system can save you a lot of money on heating bills, and help your home run more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

system boilers
system boilers

Do I Need a Big or Small Boiler for My House? 

To answer this question, the size of your home is the first thing you need to think about when searching for a suitable size boiler. You may also want to consider the number of bathrooms, number of radiators, and bedrooms your home has before purchasing a boiler to ensure the boiler you buy meets your needs.

Understanding how much space a boiler needs in the kitchen or the loft is key to having the right kind of boiler. Your boiler will need to produce more power to supply the amount of hot water you need if you have a large house and have lots of radiators or multiple bathrooms.

Now let's find out what category your home falls under. 

Boiler size for a 1-3 bedroom house

The larger your house, the more powerful boiler you need to cope with the demand of multiple radiators and hot water usage. You need a boiler capable of demand.

It's best to purchase a boiler that can provide all the water you need on-demand, such as a combi boiler. A combi boiler is also very efficient and can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Combi boilers are remarkably more efficient, cheaper to run, and provide instant hot water without delay from your taps, shower, or bath. The job of converting a boiler to a combi boiler is one of the UK's main New Years' resolutions! but to get the best from your new boiler you should think about getting it installed before the cold weather hits.

Combi Boiler Size Guide

2 Bedroom House 26kW 29kW

3 Bedroom House 29kW 35kW

4 Bedroom House 29kW 35kW

5 Bedroom House 35kW 35kW 

These figures are a general guideline and you should always consult a professional heating engineer for advice.

Boiler size for a larger  4+ bedroom house

A combi boiler may not provide enough output for a larger home. Larger homes with more radiators, more bathrooms, more people, and a larger demand for hot water and heating will require a regular boiler. 

They work by heating water and distributing it through your home using tanks and heat exchanges. You will have a cold water tank in your loft which will take water from your mains and feed it into the hot water cylinder.

System Boiler size requirements

1-2 Bedroom House 0-10 1 9-18kW

3-4 Bedroom House 10+ 2-3 18-26kW

More than 4 Bedrooms 20+

More than 3 Bedrooms 27-40kW

These figures are a general guideline and you should always consult a professional heating engineer for advice.

Things to consider when buying a new boiler:

  • Your family size
  • Your home's radiator count
  • Number of working bathrooms
  • Calculation of the boiler's cost/budget

Installing a new boiler

Once you have done some research on combi boilers and system boilers, and consulted with one of our fully qualified Gas Safe Heating Engineers, we will be ready to install your new boiler. It is important to get your boiler serviced annually, this is to ensure it is well maintained but is also safe in your home. Faulty boilers can happen anytime and can cause devastating effects if problems are left unresolved.

It is recommended that any appliance using gas is serviced annually. This includes fires, ovens, hobs, boilers. If you are selling your home these certificates of safety are usually requested by the purchaser's solicitors.

With Danum Plumbing & Heating, you will always receive certified boiler installation specialists as well as ensure that it is serviced regularly to help save you money. 

What size boiler do I need?
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